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Last Updated: Nov. 2022

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This is a test of MathJax, enjoy the 1D CT Fourier Transform: \( F(\omega)=\int_{-\infty}^{\infty} f(t)e^{-j\omega t} \,dt \)

2021 - This is a short, satirical electronic music concert titled "The Sound of Molecules", by my brilliant friend Walker Smith, a Chemistry and Music student at Indiana University. I consulted on aspects of the digital signal processing for this project.

sound of molecules

2021 - This is a quick demo ride illustrating some of BirdsEye's surface classification capabilities. BirdsEye was an embedded device that could be mounted to the stem of an electric scooter and regulate its behavior. It could also interface with a web portal to display ride analytics and download geofenced protocols.

curbside birdseye demo

2019 - This image is a visualization of geolocated Internet Protocol connections in a network traffic dataset that I worked with. Look for the outline of South America in the bottom left to get your bearings. Incredible how interconnected the world is, isn't it?

global network traffic

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